Gem’s Astrology Certificate Course



Gem’s Astrology Certificate Course structure

All tutorials come with a pdf handout

Term 1 – Astrology building blocks – The Fundamentals

Tutorial 1.1 ~ What is astrology? Exploring astrology, the different types, and a brief history of astrology.

Tutorial 1.2 ~ The signs, elements & modalities.

Tutorial 1.3 ~ The symbologies of the planets in our natal charts and the various ways they represent functions of our character and psyche.

Tutorial 1.4 ~ How to interpret the personal planets in the zodiac signs. Begin your own journey into creative interpretation!

Tutorial 1.5 ~ Delving into the structure of the natal chart, the four angles, and the meanings of each of the houses.

Tutorial 1.6 ~ Tools for interpreting the transpersonal planets, with example charts for entering into deeper analysis.

Term 2 – Astrology next stepsTying It All Together

Tutorial 2.1 ~ A look at the various house systems in astrology, their structures, how they are used, and in which astrological circumstances.

Tutorial 2.2 ~ The 5 major aspects and how to read them interpretively, with study examples for each. (Includes aspects between personal planets, those from transpersonal to personal, and aspects between generational planets).

Tutorial 2.3 ~ How aspects facilitate energy flow between the planets and how the sign combinations merge or conflict. How planetary energy flows via disposition between the planets.

Tutorial 2.4 ~ The essential dignities (domicile, exaltation, detriment, and fall), sect, triplicities, mutual reception, and disposition.

Tutorial 2.5 ~ An introduction to the minor aspects and how to interpret these in the natal chart, with an introduction to the 5 major asteroids.

Tutorial 2.6 ~ Celebrity chart study. A bonus tutorial on the study of the natal charts of 3 different celebrities, using the material covered so far.

Term 3Natal chart delineationReading Proficiently

Tutorial 3.1 ~ How to interpret house rulerships whilst taking into account the positions of the house rulers in the natal chart.

Tutorial 3.2 ~ Planetary signatures in the natal chart. Introducing a complex yet very effective way of reading the inner-planetary signatures.

Tutorial 3.3 ~ Looking at career and vocation in the natal chart, with a bonus introduction on how to interpret the position of the Moon’s nodal axis.

Tutorial 3.4 ~ Considering the native’s world of romance and relationships through the lens of the natal chart.

Tutorial 3.5 ~ How to prepare for a comprehensive reading of the natal chart: some important things to consider.

Tutorial 3.6 ~ Optional workshop tutorial for further help with studies and further questions about the material. Questions about your own natal charts are welcome.