There’s a Full Moon in Capricorn this Wednesday!

July 13th Full Moon

The Full Moon tomorrow will occur at 21°21’ of Capricorn, exacting on Wednesday 13th of July at 19:38 BST. This particular Full Moon has me picturing in my mind an energetic and determined yet fair leader who is tenacious and focused on planning for their future goals with a strategic approach. They are creative, original problem-solvers, especially when the needs of the collective need to be considered and they can usually see the world objectively and critically even when coming from a place of unconditional love and compassion. They may experience loneliness and loss, which can feel heavy at times, yet they have a huge heart and a realistic approach to life seeing them through every step of the way. This is a personification of the Full Moon chart; essentially we can all seek the potential to embrace the facet of each alignment we wish to. Free will allows us this promise.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th July

The Capricorn – Cancer Axis

The Capricorn – Cancer axis is a cardinal axis and seeks to uncover the most vital resources for our primary survival and security needs. As one of the cardinal axes, this provides us with first-responder urgency and active participation, most especially when it relates to survival instincts and needs. This is why this Full Moon will have us seeking answers through interactions with our immediate environment when pondering how we can reach the level of security we desire, for ourselves and our loved ones. Capricorn and Cancer are interested in long-term investments, so our future goals relating to our security and wealth are important topics this week.

Mercury will Conjoin the Sun

Mercury conjoining with the Sun highlights our mental processing in a variety of ways as both celestial bodies are in the intuitive yet impulsive sign Cancer. Firstly, emotions are likely to be a topic especially concerning our identities, so this brings with it a concern for our emotions and general well-being too. Secondly, we will perhaps be more inclined to switch off from our usual thoughts and mental processes, whilst resting our minds to allow the natural inflow of pictures and phrases coming to us from the internal wells that are connected to our divine energy sources.

Pluto in conjunction with the Moon

As Pluto conjoins the Moon in Capricorn, he will be in retrograde motion, bringing our internalisation of deeply personal issues into perspective as we consider how we can balance them for better survival and emotional strength. Deep pains can become more vivid or extreme as we orient ourselves towards a place of structure and meaning. It is also true that our insights may take on a transformational leaning, yet an internal focus may still be super relevant to our own sense of survival.

Venus in a Square with Neptune

Venus’ square to Neptune applies throughout the days prior to the Full Moon, exacting the following day, on the 14th of July at 06:15 am BST. This aspect’s effects may therefore be felt throughout the whole week. Venus square Neptune is potentially a quite difficult aspect bringing with it a sense of loss or confusion, especially in terms of romantic relationships, friendships and finances. This can sometimes lead us to feel excluded from the rest of the world or lonely, yet with the Full Moon in Capricorn conjoining Pluto, we may be willing to embrace this temporarily as we uncover what our internal worlds have to offer us.

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