There’s a Total Eclipse in Scorpio this Monday, the 16th of May

This Monday, the 16th of May we will observe our second eclipse this year, this time in the lovely zodiac sign of Scorpio! The total lunar eclipse period in Scorpio (and the weeks prior to and after this) will be a time when we will experience some of the greatest changes throughout the year. As a time of release and letting go, the Full Moons are often times when we see certain things leaving our lives, which of course makes room for other themes to enter. And that they will. With this being a total lunar eclipse, these Full Moon energies are intensified and often, even when we don’t necessarily wish to make any changes, the eclipse has a way of bringing them for us.

Now, accordant energies will be attracted into our spheres whilst other major phases will come to rest or fade out, yet it will be unsurprising if many find this eclipse to be difficult because there’s a chock-full of tension from Saturn as he squares the eclipse axis, we then have Mercury in retrograde motion and we’ve got Venus in conjunction with Chiron. Perhaps many will experience a level of resistance to some of the changes that result from this eclipse. However, if we’re unconsciously seeking balance and the realistic coolness that Saturn offers, new alignments may have a way of sweeping in to nudge us firmly in such a direction.

The Scorpio – Taurus Axis

The Scorpio – Taurus axis represents solid boundaries from a place of personal strength and an appetite to possess our desires emotionally (Scorpio) and palpably (Taurus). Therefore the changes we’re experiencing during this eclipse may be a range of those focused around both releasing and creating new boundaries whilst reviewing how we feel about and respond to all that belongs to us.

The Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde during the eclipse therefore there’s a chance that small difficulties throughout the eclipse period (including the week before and after) will crop up and slow things down for us in our daily lives. Some examples of these are missing crucial details in important documents or misunderstanding conversations we have with co-workers or partners. Another example is having to review important information due to something that comes to light during the retrograde. Because this could potentially increase complications during the Full Moon period for us, it’s a good idea to take extra care and thought in the knowledge of this.

Saturn’s Square Aspect with the Full Moon

Saturn will be in a square aspect with the Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio, which can suggest we are in a tough position without an easy resolution or escape route. This can manifest as imposed restrictions, extra obligations we need to take care of, disagreements with authority or not feeling aligned with some of the certain structures that are now in our lives. The Taurus – Scorpio axis is powerfully activated, so this can also mean new boundaries that we’re not feeling great about or things that were in our possession that aren’t anymore. On the other hand, the overhanging responsibilities of Saturn can be taken into our own hands if we can foresee them, whether begrudgingly or not. Saturn is the focal point of a T-Square after all, so this does signify a point of tension or conflict.

Neptune will trine the Moon

If Mercury was taken out of the equation, Neptune would then be the sole dispositor of the eclipse chart. We will also observe Neptune’s trine with the Moon in Scorpio and her conjunction with Mars in Pisces, therefore the tense and difficult energies taking place at this time may become somewhat softened by Neptune’s beautiful cloud of kindness and spiritual tenderness. Perhaps there is an underlying silver lining and the universe is reaching out a hand to catch us if/ when we fall. Neptune is also here in a powerful position whilst forming these flowing aspects to ensure that when we act, it is for the right reasons.

Venus’ Conjunction with Chiron

When Venus rubs shoulders so closely with Chiron, there are often deep wounds to uncover in matters of love (and perhaps also the way we handle money), yet at the same time, there are always opportunities to heal these wounds as we take care of ourselves in the process. How this plays out may depend on the role of Chiron and Venus in our lives, which can be seen in our natal charts and via their transits. Healing will also come to us through simple expressions and experiences with the two residing in the pure and innocent first zodiac sign of Aries.

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