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Dignity and Energy

Mars isn’t in domicile, exaltation, detriment or fall in the sign of Virgo, but is disposed to Mercury in this sign. People with Mars in Virgo tend to be extremely analytical folk, which means that they can be highly critical of themselves and those around them. Though they may be so in a most sensible and truthful manner, they can often be seen by others as being rather opinionated. They usually have a high dose of common sense and are often very grounded when making decisions about what they think they should do next in life. More often than not, they have the ability to be very crafty folk; often preferring to maintain a certain amount of personal control in most of their dealings with others and they will usually refrain from fully giving themselves away, especially if they have received an inclination that they are never likely to get back as much as they put in.

General Traits

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication that also represents our mentality; therefore Mars in Virgo is a placement that is symbolic of people who are strongly driven by conversation, learning and general mental stimulation. They are usually able to manage lots of physical and mental projects at once, due to their brilliant organisational capabilities and they often enjoy indulging in a good variety of choice subjects throughout life that happen to pique their interest. Despite their keen eye for detail with an ability to process and memorise a large amount of information on an array of subjects, Mars in Virgo folk can tend to come across as quite humble also, as they are generally unlikely to boast outright about these gifts all too often.

Relationships and Attraction

Romantically, it makes perfect sense to say that Mars in Virgo are likely just as detail oriented as they are outside of relationships and, when knowing exactly how to put what they have learned through experience to good use, this may often mean that they can become masters at foreplay. They may well have strong libidos just like the other Mars in earth sign natives, a down to earth approach to courting and an innately mature and healthy attitude towards pleasure in general. Natives of Mars in Virgo may become charmed by potential partners who are intelligent, knowledgeable and who take the subjects they are passionate about seriously, such that they are able to hold their own in a good argument on such subjects while discussing their carefully thought-out beliefs. They can tend to be quite experimental, especially while thoroughly enjoy using their senses with different materials that promise them plenty of variety in the bedroom, such as a good collection of materials and a wardrobe of raunchy role-playing attire. Bringing their imagination to life by use of such physical pleasures will likely bring those with Mars in Virgo endless hours of entertainment.


Often Mars in Virgo can have an innate tendency become stubborn and overly critical when met with opposition, especially if the Martian energy is in some way afflicted by hard aspects to malefic planets or if it is, say, conjoining the Ascendant yet isn’t balanced out in a favourable manner by the other aspects of the birth chart. If their anger is in any way internalised or directed inwards, they may then tend to focus their overly critical tendencies towards themselves, ultimately resulting in causing themselves a great deal of insecurity. These tendencies can perhaps be tempered or smoothed with high levels of self consciousness, focus and control. It is also generally a good idea for folk with Mars in Virgo, especially, to look after themselves well physically with a healthy diet and an adequate amount of exercise. With poor diet they may find it difficult to fully relax or increase their confidence levels, due to a sensitivity of their nervous system towards their general physical well-being and sense of stability and may therefore become irritable and nervous while trying to manage levels of aggression and/ or negative emotions that can arise as a result of conflict or friction with others. They may also express their sometimes hyper-critical and analytical nature with a tendency to become quite demanding of themselves and others, especially during times of stress.

Mars in Virgo mantra quote: ‘Your greatest responsibility is to love yourself and to know you are enough’, Unknown


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