Valentine’s Special – Composite Charts

The composite midpoint chart is a synastry chart that’s derived from the charts of two people and can tell us a great deal about the purpose of a relationship and how some areas of life are likely to be expressed and explored between the two. Composite midpoint charts can be cast for any type of relationship – family, colleague, or friend, but in this meeting on Valentine’s day, we’ll be talking more specifically about romantic relationships.

We’ll be looking at the structure of the composite chart, and how to use it including what some of the planets in the houses mean.

There’ll also be room for questions and a couple of example charts to have a look at.

This event is held on Monday the 13th of February at 3:00 pm (UK time).

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Please email me at for a link to the Zoom event or if you have any other questions.

Date and time: Monday the 13th of February at 3:00 pm (UK time).
Duration: an hour

Astrology – The Planetary Alignments of February 2022

You’re invited to join me for a cup of tea and a discussion on what’s happening in February from an astrological standpoint.

I’ll begin with a short introduction and then I’ll delve right into the New Moon on Tuesday the 1st, followed by a list of transits in date order and the general themes that will likely transpire throughout the whole of the month.

Cost is free, although I welcome and encourage contributions/ donations with a warm smile 🙂 Please contribute to

Please email for a link to the Zoom event or if you have any questions.

Date and time: 31st January, 12 noon UTC
Duration: 40 mins, possibly a little bit more.