As I mentioned in my bio, I serve as the UK satellite for the OPA (the Organisation for Professional Astrology). The OPA is based in the USA, but operates internationally, which is great because anyone enthusiastic about Astrology can join, with direct links to their nearest satellite, for instance me if you’re in the UK!

What I love about the OPA is that it not only helps people who are just starting out in Astrology to become more familiar with the principles and ethics that are expected within the field of professional Astrology but it also gives all Astrologers a chance (of all levels, including experienced Astrologers) to work for and achieve certification that proves they soundly understand the responsibilities of running a good Astrological practice in a confident, ethical and helpful manner. Additionally, as a member, you can join in monthly Q and As, submit articles for the Career Astrologer magazine, watch regular free Astrology presentations on line and submit your own presentations.

There are a number of programs you can join as a member, including the Peer Group, where you can meet with other Astrologers to discuss your Astrology practice and exchange ideas, the OPA Retreat, which is set in a beautiful resort and packed with informative sessions and i-Astrologer, which is focused on helping aspiring and professional Astrologers build their practices, presenting generous scholarships to the most promising Astrologers.

As mentioned on OPA’s website, ‘OPA is a place where astrology enthusiasts meet to exchange information, compare skills of the craft, and explore the new frontiers of the field. OPA supports astrology in its different streams, and advocates tolerance, ethical practice, high standards, and continual growth of the profession.’

But the OPA’s website can explain its programs and benefits much better than I can. Visit for more information.

Or you can contact me here if you have any questions (especially if you’re in the UK and like the idea of having someone near by to talk with).

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