Natal with a year ahead forecast



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Birth chart analysis is done using both ancient and modern well-trusted techniques. I carry out systematic delineations  based on your birth information (your time, date and place of birth) and perform an in-depth core natal reading with your planetary aspects, placements and house positions (which we will discuss in detail during your consultation).
A combination of advanced predictive Astrological techniques are then used, using Transit charts, Progression charts and Solar Return charts that detail your own planetary events and alignments for the year ahead. These will help you prepare for your next year’s planetary transits and life themes as I offer professional Astrological advice on approaches you can take to make the most of them in a deeply meaningful way, which is especially helpful if you have any difficult transits coming up. Every major transit comes with a thorough explanation of the meaning of the transit, a number of potential ways they could unfold and in which key areas of life they are most likely to unfold. I also provide accurate dates for every major transit. This natal consultation provides wonderful help as we all show tendencies to respond to transits differently, which is shown in the subconscious depths of our natal charts and this valuable knowledge can be tapped into with the reliable and methodical techniques of natal chart delineation, as used only for this special reading.


Consultation (1 hour 15 mins)


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