Choosing event dates (Electional Astrology)



Please email me with your interest in a consultation and I will call you to finish setting up your booking. Please remember to provide your birth data, including your place (to the nearest city) and time of birth.

Payment is $104 in the USA; appropriate currency conversion will be necessary for other parts of the world.


You might have a meaningful event coming up in your life and are wondering when is the best time to go ahead with it, for example a wedding, the launch of a new business, an important trip away or buying a house! Within the field of Electional Astrology, I focus on the use of advanced predictive techniques and charts that can help us to plan together what may be the best time for such an important event for you within a given time frame and it is these same techniques I will use to hand-write your Electional Astrology report.

Your report will include three of the best possible auspicious dates and times, carefully chosen by me within the time frame you provide, which I detail in order of best choice. A detailed description of why I have chosen these dates including the Astrological alignments could potentially be favourable for you are also provided. I even include a beautiful Astrology chart for each important event date.

Electional astrology consultation (45 mins long)


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