A closer look at the 1980 and 1981 Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions

Regarded as tremendously important throughout the history of Mundane Astrology, Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are also known as ‘Great Conjunctions’ to Astrologers and Astronomers alike and are said to mark the beginnings of new cultural, political and economic eras1, occurring around every 20 years.

First, a brief word on 2020

The day of the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st appeared quite a lot in the media, coming at a time when Astrology has been growing in popularity at an increasing rate, which really fits in with the symbology of these planets in Aquarius, as the sign of Aquarius with ruler Uranus tends to denote all of the occult science subjects, including Astrology. These conjunctions occur almost every 20 years, usually in clusters of three due to the retrograde motions of the planets yet this time, there is only one.

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Theresa May’s Transits as Andrea Leadsom Resigns

Andrea Leadsom resigned yesterday, the 22nd May 2019 because she can’t support Theresa May’s second referendum plan, believing that we will not be a ‘truly sovereign United Kingdom’ through the newly proposed deal.

Ironically it was Andrea Leadsom who stepped down to make way for Theresa to become leader in 2016, when she was second favourite to win the elections, due to not having as much support. It was ‘in the best interests of the country’, which needed a stable front following the Brexit vote in the previous month.

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A year in UK politics | The 2019 Aries ingress

With numerous financial significations and, with Venus indicating the opposition party and the 6th house trade unions and workers, could there be some stabilisation offered by these to some degree, by way of inventive yet unexpected proposals?

The Aries ingress chart for the UK is fixed in Ascendant sign Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, which form a very close trine to one-another (17’ orb) between the 3rd and 7th houses. This means that this predictive chart for the full year ahead tells us the UK may potentially be locked in deeply transformative negotiations with neighbouring countries for the whole duration, right up until the next Aries ingress of 2020 (or from the end of March 2020). Mars and Pluto are in Taurus and Capricorn, respectively, so are likely representing for the UK negotiations of a most practical and concrete nature and, although Mars inhabits the UK’s 7th house and is both in detriment and accidental debility, potentially representing conflicts with other nations, the aggressive energies of Mars may be somewhat subdued through Taurus, especially since he also forms similarly close angles with both Venus and Jupiter. Even though these are respectively a square and a quincunx, this hints to me that Mars may represent something of a relatively peaceful conflict; after all, the 7th house is a house representing both allies and open foe and the 3rd the house of both neighbours and communications. The UK’s Aries ingress for 2019 is certainly not an overly fiery chart, either. Because, as a country, we have been making ‘deal’ preparations to leave the EU since June 2016, which should involve many new trading deals with our neighbouring countries, new workers and business laws for citizens including civil servants and manufacturers, new immigration laws and even potentially a new hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, these aspects are what I believe to be really good representations of what is currently happening in the UK.

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