Mars in Scorpio ♏

Dignity and Energy

 Scorpio is one of Mars’ natural signs of rulership; therefore here, many characteristics that are fundamentally associated with the planet Mars are at their peak strength and dignity. When the energies of Mars and Scorpio meet, there is understandably a natural blend of brilliant willpower and focus and those who are fortunate enough to have this placement are usually able to achieve almost anything they set their minds to. Having Mars in a fixed sign makes for individuals who are steady, solid, tough and tenacious, who usually have the ability to display no-nonsense independence and efficiency when they want to get something done. Mars in Scorpio’s passion for whatever they set their sights on can certainly rival that of any other Mars sign and this may shine the most when they have a set of goals firmly in place, making each future personal achievement something of an obsession. Furthermore, Mars in Scorpio can have a tendency to express their eagerness for their aspirations with seriousness and in something of an intense and dramatic fashion.

General Traits

Mars in Scorpio is usually able to probe, analyse and dig deep for the truth in any situation, as both their interest in things that are hidden and their emotional intuition tend to be strong. Sufficiently Plutonic in nature, a clear, incisive insight into the inner workings of the human psyche is usually at their disposal and they are generally able to use this trait whenever they need to. These virtues, along with their relentlessness, their secretive nature and desire to succeed can make those with this placement formidable opponents or, conversely, somebody who is great to have on any team. With Scorpio being the sign of extremities, transformation and rebirth, these natives can have a tendency to put themselves through rigorous tests before rebuilding themselves; hence continuously working towards greater confidence, self consciousness (especially of one’s own limits) and acceptance of those things which they cannot change.

Relationships and Attraction

The Scorpio Mars’ method of courting usually begins subtly, with intense gazing and a cool exterior. They may have great amounts of self-control, which is apparent on the surface, but can be simultaneously volcanic on the inside, as if they are ready to explode. They may employ this molten energy to secretly analyse everything about the object of their desire; while waiting patiently for the perfect moment to pounce. Hunters/tresses with burning desires, they may have the natural water-sign-like instinctive tools for capturing their prey and they may often ooze sex appeal whether beautiful or not; tending to emanate a ‘physically attractive’ energy. Mars in Scorpio natives are often attracted to powerful, dark and mysterious types who have a high level of emotional intelligence and are unafraid to do whatever it takes to get what they want. They may also be attracted to danger. They love to be possessed and dominated and are turned on by all things unusual and taboo. In the bedroom, Mars in Scorpio can be very sensual and intense, seeking to control and sedate their partner with pleasure. They aren’t the types to ‘kiss and tell’ and can prove to be very intimate and loyal partners once they find what they are looking for.


Some difficulties that may arise for Mars in Scorpio natives are they may sometimes become vulnerable to feelings of deep emotional and romantic jealousy that can be triggered fairly easily and this often means they can be a little prone to controlling and possessive behaviour. This can feel overbearing for some (although desirable for those with compatible placements), yet the extent to which this particular trait becomes a problem or difficult to manage for the native usually depends on their age, where they are in life, their maturity and the people around them. Another difficulty may be that power struggles could potentially become an issue if they find a partner who is just as strong-willed as they are, as having a Mars sign that is fixed in nature, they may likely be much slower to back down or ‘fess up’ during disputes or misunderstandings than, say, one with a preponderance of cardinal or mutable energy in their birth chart. They may also have a tendency to hold onto grudges for a long time, which may or may not result in vengefulness (again, the maturity of the native here plays a big part).

If Mars in Scorpio is unhappy and not harnessing their positive energy as is best for them, they can become depressed and brooding, swimming in a sea of destructive thoughts, which can be quite unfortunate for them. When low in self-esteem they can become intolerable and can project their self hatred onto others, sometimes tending towards being manipulative and underhanded in order to get their own way.


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