New Moon highlights 18th Dec 2017

Highlights forecast for this New Moon period and the fortnight ahead.

Following the Third Quarter and Balsamic Moon phases (over the past 7 – 8 days), when we’re usually resting our minds and allowing our internal clutter from the Full Moon to organize itself, gradually putting all of that away to give way to budding ideas and plans, the time is right for a New birth of energies now. Continue reading “New Moon highlights 18th Dec 2017” »

Full Moon Highlights, 5th October 2017

Highlights forecast for the Full Moon period and the fortnight ahead.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon is connected with that powerful Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 21st 2017 as Jupiter (who is in harmony with both) has since moved along to form an almost perfect sextile with it. I’m not sure how clearly you remember it, but that eclipse in Leo Continue reading “Full Moon Highlights, 5th October 2017” »

Full Moon Highlights, 6th Sept 2017

Highlights forecast for the Full Moon period and the week ahead.

Hey, busy-body Virgos, I’ll bet you never imagined being able to fit more into your daily routine than you already are! Well be prepared to actually do so with increased energy levels, especially around the time of the coming Full Moon on the 6th September. Continue reading “Full Moon Highlights, 6th Sept 2017” »

Venus is now in Leo!!!!!

Venus just entered huggable, fiery Leo! Venus‬ in ‪‎Leo‬ natives are very affectionate yet demanding in love. They are generous, showy, passionate, playful and dramatic.

If you are in a relationship with one of these natives, be prepared to be loved, complimented and cherished until you feel on top of the world. Continue reading “Venus is now in Leo!!!!!” »