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~ Natal consultation with a year ahead forecast

~ Synastry consultation (relationships and attraction)

~ Choosing dates for events (Electional Astrology)

Consultations come with a pdf write-up of the reading for you to go back to at any time in the future at your leisure, to remind you of all that was covered during the consultation. This can be especially helpful for you over the year following a one year forecast or following a synastry consultation. All are hand-written by myself.

To book a consultation, contact me through my contact page or through my Facebook page and we can arrange a date and time slot together. My shop page can also be used for booking. Booking fees are generally taken via Paypal, credit/ debit card or bank transfer.

Natal consultation with a year ahead forecast

Birth chart analysis is done using both ancient and modern well-trusted techniques. I carry out systematic delineations  based on your birth information (your time, date and place of birth) and perform an in-depth core natal reading with your planetary aspects, placements and house positions (which we will discuss in detail during your consultation).

A combination of advanced predictive Astrological techniques are then used, using Transit charts, Progression charts and Solar Return charts that detail your own planetary events and alignments for the year ahead. These will help you prepare for your next year’s planetary transits and life themes as I offer professional Astrological advice on approaches you can take to make the most of them in a deeply meaningful way, which is especially helpful if you have any difficult transits coming up. Every major transit comes with a thorough explanation of the meaning of the transit, a number of potential ways they could unfold, in which key areas of life they are most likely to unfold and ways that they are best dealt with. I also provide accurate dates for every major transit.

This natal consultation provides wonderful help as we all show tendencies to respond to transits differently, which is shown in the subconscious depths of our natal charts and this valuable knowledge can be tapped into with the reliable and methodical techniques of natal chart delineation, as used only for this special reading.

£105 or $137 (if in the US) for initial consultation

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Synastry consultation (relationships & attraction)

Two charts are delineated (of two people of your choice) and I use reliable and systematic Astrological techniques such as a bi-wheel analysis, calculating the mid-point relationship chart and your first meeting charts against your natal charts to evaluate how you are likely to both harmonise (or find natural conflict) as a couple, through the ancient language of Astrology.

During your consultation, we discuss different ways how this information may have the potential to translate into your personal relationship and different ways you are both likely to relate to this, whether in a romantic relationship, a business partnership, a family relationship or a friendship.

Relationships between your respective planets at your birth times can show me, Astrologically, the areas of life that are likely to become prominent for you both as shared areas of life and I give professional Astrological advice on which areas of conflict can potentially be smoothed over, through the eyes of Astrology with the help of the conscious reasoning and understanding of your birth charts.

I focus on harmonies, initially and my ultimate goal is to help you to gain a much deeper understanding of the more subconscious drives between one-another, based on the planetary energies within your charts. I believe that relationships may always be improved and greater appreciated in relation to an Astrological perspective, as seen through the natal charts and that deep understanding is one of the major key ingredients towards harmony within relationships. It is within this premise that I base my goal towards achieving the most worthwhile possible outcome for you from your synastry analysis.

£115 or $150 (if in the US) for initial consultation

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Choosing dates for events (Electional Astrology)

You might have a meaningful event coming up in your life and are wondering when is the best time to go ahead with it, for example a wedding, the launch of a new business, an important trip away or buying a house! Within the field of Electional Astrology, I focus on the use of advanced predictive techniques and charts that can help us to plan together what may be the best time for such an important event for you within a given time frame and it is these same techniques I will use to hand-write your Electional Astrology report.

Your report will include three of the best possible auspicious dates and times, carefully chosen by me within the time frame you provide, which I detail in order of best choice. A detailed description of why I have chosen these dates including the Astrological alignments could potentially be favourable for you are also provided. I even include a beautiful Astrology chart for each important event date.

£76 or $99 (if in the US) for initial consultation

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More Information

Everybody has a Natal Chart that is unique to them, based on the time and place they were born and by unique I mean that no two people’s charts are the same, much in the same way as no two people have the same fingerprint. I have always found this to be one of the most exciting and intriguing facts about Astrology, especially as it is far from the common assumption that we can all be grouped into one of twelve signs and this is where it begins and ends. Secondly, natal charts are much more complex than many people (without a deep interest in Astrology) tend to believe. For example, a difference in birth time of just a few minutes can calculate a chart that tells quite a different story, in many ways, so, the more accurate the birth time which is given, the more accurate the results of a natal reading are likely to be. However, there is nothing to worry about if a completely accurate birth time isn’t known, as I can include chart rectifications (these are advanced Astrological techniques used for helping to pinpoint a birth time with much more accuracy).

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