Venus has entered Taurus

Venus‬ has just entered ‪Taurus‬! All the impulsive energy that has manifested over the last 26 days, leading us to act quickly on our passions in romance and causing us to jump through fires, has waned to make way for the patient and confident energy of the sign of the Bull. We think forwards during this time, we are interested in real, practical meaning and the long term result and we are relievingly calm and steady. Continue reading

Venus and Mars enter Aries, 20/02/15

Both Venus and Mars have now left the intuitive, water sign of Pisces and entered the daring and bold fire sign of Aries.
For the past three weeks we have all been awashed with a haze of unmistakable Piscean energy that sent our heads into the clouds and urged us to pick up a paint brush to paint a beautiful landscape or a pen to write an imaginative story. Pisces, after all, is all about the deep, subconscious mind.

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