The coming Full Moon Astrology | August 2019

General Venus topics include love and romance, aesthetics and general appearance, harmony and peace, artistry, creativity, sensuality, leisure and the physical aspects of pleasure that include clothes shopping and retail therapy for home decor and other such things.

The Post ~ 15th August 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Aquarius next Thursday, the 15th August, exacting at around 12:30pm in the UK.

Once again the Sun will be conjoining Venus in Leo, only this time further on in the sign at 22°. Another difference is they will be much more tightly conjunct, with Venus sharing the same degree of the Sun at 22° Leo, hence the Moon also, which will be in opposition at 22° Aquarius. This information tells us several things. Firstly, that the Full Moon this month is ruled by Uranus and secondly, that we can expect special focus over the next few weeks to be on anything that generally relates to Venus or more personally (and likely) the way Venus relates in our natal charts and via transit.

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The New Moon in Leo Tomorrow, 1st August 2019

Mercury is stationing direct in Cancer too tomorrow and is close to the North Node while opposing Pluto, which emphasises potential for change

After the eventfulness and intensity we’ve just experienced with our two eclipses in July in Cancer and Capricorn, I’m sure many of you will welcome the energy of tomorrow’s New Moon in Leo, like me.

At 8° it will conjoin Venus so you can expect a lovely boost of creative, fun and confident energies in the area of life represented by the house this New Moon falls in for you.

You may find yourself starting something fresh or you may find that you begin looking at something else you’ve been doing in a new light, so that your new perspective brings you lots more possibilities and ways to improve.

Mercury is stationing direct in Cancer too tomorrow and is close to the North Node while opposing Pluto, which emphasises potential for change, especially all things Mercury related (the mind, communication, your voice), so make it count. 🙂 Set good intentions, stay positive and blessings to you all.

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New Moon Chart 1st Aug 2019

The coming Lunar Eclipse Astrology | July 2019

The Post ~ 16th July 2019

There’s a partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn this Tuesday, the 16th July, exacting at around 9:38 pm in the UK.

It may only be a partial eclipse this Tuesday, but it will be made all the more important and impactful with the conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto to the Moon and the conjunctions of Venus and Mercury retrograde to the Sun. Both Saturn and Venus will be within 1°30′ of the Moon’s nodal axis, which will greatly enhance the significance of their already tight opposition and Mars will conjoin Mercury, adding heat to the cluster of oppositions, as both Mars and Mercury’s energies will be disposed towards the Sun.

With these oppositions and the Moon’s nodes along the Cancer-Capricorn axis we can expect that shifts might have to be made to accommodate on-going beneficial home and work life balances around the time frame spanning a couple of weeks prior to the eclipse and a couple of weeks following. There is a much longer window of time in which the effects of eclipses can take place and eclipses are very much intensified versions of the Full Moons. Additionally, as many of us are very much aware, Full Moon energies often urge us into action in some way or another, because all the energy that has been building up since the time of the New Moon is being released and quite often, it can not be ignored. So, whatever you have set with intention and worked towards since the Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd July, you could reap the benefits of this coming week.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | June 2019

The Post ~ 17th June 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius this Monday, the 17th June, exacting at around 08:30am in the UK.

The Full Moon this Monday will be at 25°53′ Sagittarius so will be both conjoining and ruled by Jupiter, who will be at 18°37′ Sagittarius and, as the second Jupiter-Neptune square this year will be in alignment from 9th to 24th June, this Full Moon will also very much be coloured by this Jupiter-Neptune square.

Neptune is the apex of a T-square between the Moon-Jupiter conjunction and the Sun so takes much of the strain of this configuration, while in domicile in Pisces and this could really bring our subconscious urges into focus, even much more than during a usual Full Moon, meaning many of us might be more reactive at a deeper, instinctual level. Be careful of a greater risk of accidents, because those of us holding down unreleased tensions can unconsciously react at times like these, due to hidden strain.

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Theresa May’s Transits as Andrea Leadsom Resigns

Andrea Leadsom resigned yesterday, the 22nd May 2019 because she can’t support Theresa May’s second referendum plan, believing that we will not be a ‘truly sovereign United Kingdom’ through the newly proposed deal.

Ironically it was Andrea Leadsom who stepped down to make way for Theresa to become leader in 2016, when she was second favourite to win the elections, due to not having as much support. It was ‘in the best interests of the country’, which needed a stable front following the Brexit vote in the previous month.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | May 2019

Those of you with personal placements or angles between around 19° and 27° Virgo will likely receive a lot of welcomed support

The Post ~ 18th May 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Scorpio this Saturday, the 18th May, exacting at around 21:11am in the UK.

The Full Moon this Saturday will be at 27° Scorpio so, as with all events bathed in the energy of Scorpio, there are likely to be the emotional elements of extremity, seriousness, emotional connectedness and will power cycling through our collective consciousness, as our guiding satellite yet again temporarily shares with us the unique energies she brings while illuminated through this sign. Much of the energy of the New Moon in Taurus of the 4th May pointed towards elements super-connectedness, plenty for social and practical reasons, while Mars in Gemini was in mutual reception with Mercury, Mercury conjoined Uranus in Taurus and the Sun and Moon trined the Pluto Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. Now, as we are building up to the Full Moon, communication methods we primarily come to rely on may wane into those that are less obviously noticeable, such as body language cues, vague emotional undertones and psychic absorption, yet connectedness may still be a strong focus, as Mercury will conjoin the Sun in Taurus.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | April 2019

Chiron in Aries’ archetype is the typical wounded healer in the form of a warrior or an activist.

The Post ~ 19th April 2019

There’s a Full Moon this coming Friday, the 19th April, exacting at around 11:11am in the UK.

The Full Moon this Friday will be at 29° Libra so, although Full Moons might often feel quite emotionally fraught in energy, this one could have an atmosphere that is a little more subdued or with an energy that feels a little more like a ‘pulling back’ feeling than the usual peaking, ‘culmination point’ feeling that we so often associate with the Full Moons. Additionally, the contrast may be noticed between this one and the critical degree series of Full Moons that came to introduce us to 2019, one of which occurred at perigee. The year really did begin with a bang regarding the Moon’s cycle and all the close aspects that formed between planets during each Full Moon over the past three or four months, which bought us such a variety of potent energies. It is unsurprising if most of us have had quite an eventful start to the year.

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A year in UK politics | The 2019 Aries ingress

With numerous financial significations and, with Venus indicating the opposition party and the 6th house trade unions and workers, could there be some stabilisation offered by these to some degree, by way of inventive yet unexpected proposals?

The Aries ingress chart for the UK is fixed in Ascendant sign Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, which form a very close trine to one-another (17’ orb) between the 3rd and 7th houses. This means that this predictive chart for the full year ahead tells us the UK may potentially be locked in deeply transformative negotiations with neighbouring countries for the whole duration, right up until the next Aries ingress of 2020 (or from the end of March 2020). Mars and Pluto are in Taurus and Capricorn, respectively, so are likely representing for the UK negotiations of a most practical and concrete nature and, although Mars inhabits the UK’s 7th house and is both in detriment and accidental debility, potentially representing conflicts with other nations, the aggressive energies of Mars may be somewhat subdued through Taurus, especially since he also forms similarly close angles with both Venus and Jupiter. Even though these are respectively a square and a quincunx, this hints to me that Mars may represent something of a relatively peaceful conflict; after all, the 7th house is a house representing both allies and open foe and the 3rd the house of both neighbours and communications. The UK’s Aries ingress for 2019 is certainly not an overly fiery chart, either. Because, as a country, we have been making ‘deal’ preparations to leave the EU since June 2016, which should involve many new trading deals with our neighbouring countries, new workers and business laws for citizens including civil servants and manufacturers, new immigration laws and even potentially a new hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, these aspects are what I believe to be really good representations of what is currently happening in the UK.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | March 2019

The term supermoon can be credited to Astrologer Richard Nolle, who admits he ‘created and defined the term in an article published over 30 years ago’.

The Post ~ 21st March 2019

There’s a Full Moon on Thursday, the 21st March, exacting at around 1:43am in the UK.

I have been talking a lot about the critical degrees lately, due to the fact that our last four Full Moons have occurred at 00°. Now the one this Thursday is the final one in this critical degree series and I feel that this is something of both a culmination point and a gateway through into the next phase of life for us; one that can potentially do a lot to help see us through the rest of this year, as we take the energies from these critical degrees through with us. The first one that occurred in November highlighted this important degree of the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis and Jupiter (who has been thriving comfortably in his domicile throughout) has found his way into such a strong position each of these Full Moons, if not positioned right next to the Sun, Mercury or Venus then at least trining or ruling the Ascendant. For these reasons it makes complete sense to me that this passage of time between November’s Full Moon and this Thursday’s Full Moon has been a lot about exploring; especially exploring our options and opening ourselves up to new possibilities in certain areas of our lives that were previously somewhat obscured. There is also the mutability factor of the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis, meaning this passage of time has also been about adapting and this of course means adapting to the new paths we have taken and opened ourselves up to, while allowing ourselves a much wider view of the world (or our worlds) than we were previously capable of.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | February 2019

February 2019 ~ The Post

There’s a Full Moon on Tuesday, the 19th February, exacting at around 3:53pm in the UK.

For the fourth month in a row, the Full Moon will fall at the critical degree (00°) of a sign only this time it will be in Mutable sign Virgo. The last of this series of Full Moons falling at this same 00° critical degree of a sign will occur next month, when it falls in cardinal sign Libra. I feel that these five months of Full Moons (from November 2018 to March 2019) in critical degrees are important as, the Full Moon in January at 00° of Leo was the last of a set of Full and New Moons on the Leo/ Aquarius axis spanning over the past few years and the critical degree signification of beginning new ventures while travelling into an oncoming realm of fresh possibilities fits in well with the North Node’s ingress into Cancer in mid-November, just before the first Full Moon in this short critical-degree series.

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