Gemma’s bio

Hi and a warm welcome to all of you. I’m an Astrologer who has been reading and practising psychological, predictive and relationship Astrology for over 10 years. I’m a professional consultant Astrologer and writer and is where I share my interpretations, articles and on-going thoughts on Astrology.

I write articles for Healing Crystals’ social media and I serve as the UK satellite for the Organisation for Professional Astrology (the OPA). I have a diploma in Astrology, with a distinction in both Natal and Mundane Astrology and I’m a member of the APAI (the Association of Professional Astrologers International).

With your forecast reading, I can advise you the best ways of working through upcoming important and major transits that many people notoriously find difficult, through a deep understanding of the transits of each planet and how they tend to unfold into our lives. I also provide clearly defined beginning and end points to the coming transits and interpret them in ways they will likely be uniquely received by yourself and your birth chart. I always use the best software and reference materials that are currently available for professional Astrologers.

Astrology opens up for so many of us a space in our minds through which we can see what is available for us in this lifetime and through which we can work to achieve our highest potential. Whether or not you are spiritually inclined, seeing your journey and your abilities through your natal chart, progressed chart and transit charts can help you tap into a wealth of wisdom you never knew you were capable of seeing or you never knew existed. To find out more or book a first consultation, you can get in touch with me by telephone or email and from there, you can ask me questions (I am open to questions, so don’t be afraid to ask), I can explain the consulting process to you and we can talk more about your life and what it is you are looking for.


Chiron symbol

One of the things that led me to Astrology and studying the charts of people and places is the thirst for a deep understanding of why we are all here on different paths in life and the drives that lead us towards our destinies. On our different paths we all have to face the realm of the collective unconscious and the external forces of the world, but I believe we all have free will. I have achieved a wealth of understanding through years of uncovering such knowledge with a strong desire to realise Astrology’s application in real life circumstances and to pass this wisdom on to others.

I’m passionate about Astrology, nature, our environment and universal truth. I believe that spiritual growth and answering to our true soul’s calling begins with understanding ourselves and others and that viewing ourselves and our karmic paths through Astrology charts is one of the most insightful and helpful ways of achieving much deeper levels of insight (in our present, our past and when looking to the future) that can help us immensely in navigating through our transits in life.

Chiron, the classic ‘wounded healer’ centaur is placed in my 10th house of career and public image, forming the apex of a close-knit Yod pattern between Pluto and Neptune. For me, this configuration resonates perfectly with my work as an Astrologer and my strong my desire to help people find and uncover hidden talents within themselves. This is a great example of one of the many configurations within a birth chart. Characteristically, there are many ways that I can work with my Yod (based on the rest of my natal chart), in order to make the most of the energies it offers me, despite some of its challenges and this is one of the many ways my work in Astrology continues to help me on a day to day basis. Astrology can also help you, via the knowledge of different aspect patterns within your own chart and their meanings.

My approach to Astrology is based on the archetypes and energetic themes of the planets and signs, Psychological Astrology, Progressions and Transits and how we might receive these alongside the energies of our progressed lunar phases.
We are all capable of realising our greatest potentials and discovering true meaning in our lives and Astrology as a tool can help us on this journey by shining a light into our deeper selves and our lives that uncovers our soul’s hidden depths and existential meanings as reflected in the planetary positions at our time of birth.

I thoroughly enjoy reading my clients’ natal charts, as I will no doubt enjoy reading yours too and I will also always do my best to accommodate and adjust my consultations to your specific needs, wherever possible. I always work in a completely confidential and friendly reader-client environment, where I can listen to all you have to share about your current situations and what it is you are looking for, so that I can use the knowledge I have accumulated from years of studying advanced Astrology to help you on your journey. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you.

I’ve been very much in love with Astrology for 25 years, I’m a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain and a graduate of the Mayo School of Astrology.

My other work and interests include a bachelor of science degree in Forensic Chemistry, clairvoyancy, clairaudience and clairsentience, spiritual healing and growth through visualisation techniques, meditation and meditation with crystals. I will often offer gentle advice towards further healing through my consultations, if this is what is desired, so don’t hesitate to ask. Many of us carry wounds from the past and I believe that our healing journeys are on-going in much the same way that our learning journeys are; it is never possible for one person to know all there is to know about one thing and I believe we are all here to help each other.

You can find more information on my consultations here and my contact information here.

Blessings, Gemma Harwood BSc D.M. Astrol MAPAI