There’s a Full Moon in Aquarius This Friday!

The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 12th August

This month’s Full Moon will oppose the Sun at 19°21’ Aquarius, on Friday the 12th at 2:36 am UK time. There looks to be an especially tense alignment this month as there will be numerous square aspects lining up at the time of the Full Moon. We could potentially be presented with lots of learning curves to navigate as we are offered release from the cycle preceding. There are also likely new emotional responsibilities and restrictions for us to consider and embracing these with completely new approaches may seem necessary.

The Axis of Leo – Aquarius

The Leo – Aquarius axis signifies creativity and autonomy. Leo and Aquarius are some of the inherently creative zodiac signs on the wheel and, as Leo might create whilst playing or in the moment, Aquarius relies very much on analysis and thought; using progressive ideas in their creativity. Both are intrinsically self-aware, yet while Aquarius tends to become focussed on the collective, Leo’s focus tends to become more inner-circle oriented and on personal growth or validation. This axis represents mainstream rebelliousness versus mainstream validation, hence this Friday the Full Moon may coincide with themes surrounding these polarities and the fine balancing act between them. What can we create whilst both living in the moment and planning for long-term growth in terms of emotional development and nurturing a collective ideal?

Saturn Conjoins the Moon

The Aquarius Moon will conjoin Saturn, doubling the dose of the requirement of emotional control, yet concurrently this generates a huge amount of sensitivity within our emotional bodies. With this sensitivity tends to come fears of the experience of vulnerabilities coupled with a strong instinct to reinforce walls around to keep others out, yet this isn’t always the best thing to do and there is a danger here of pushing the world of feeling and compassion aside, to the detriment of our own emotional health. An inability to release or express emotions when they are experienced is an issue often experienced when the Moon is in conjunction with Saturn. However, the need to release emotions and the energetic avenue present for this is a common theme of the Full Moon period, so it could still be that this weekend, many feelings are finally released that we’ve held on to for quite some time. There could finally be some changes to situations that have had us feeling stuck or that for some reason we’ve been unable to fully process.

Uranus will square the Full Moon

Uranus’ square both the Sun and the Moon could potentially increase our level of discomfort with emotional expression, whilst creating sensations of awkwardness surrounding our self-nurturing and grounding in terms of our internal work that’s necessary for us to progress. Uranus sometimes presents in a self-destructive way in this sense, especially when under strain through alignments like the T-Square, such as this one. For a planet that’s usually so aligned with progressive movement and forward motion, it’s a bit self-deceiving.

Mars’ square to Saturn

Mars’ square to Saturn during the Full Moon on Friday could add to the likelihood that overhanging frustrations or fears are at risk of being further repressed. With the aforementioned tense alignments, this may become a period of tense frustrations that have us wondering how we’re going to hold up through such a trying period. Still, there’s an abundance of strength aligned for us in the stars, with our super-strong Saturn, our squares from Taurus to Saturn and the Mars-Pluto trine. It will be interesting to see how Mars’ trine to Pluto seeks transformative growth and how the Sun in Leo moves towards creativity and expression.

Uranus will Trine Mercury

Mercury forms a potent signature in the Full Moon chart in domicile in Virgo, whilst trining Uranus in Taurus. This offers us strength in logical thinking and fair connections through clear communication. Not that this will necessarily aid us in the easy expression of emotion we perhaps desire at this point, but it should certainly help when it comes to strength of reasoning and compartmentalisation. We may also see the offering of original ideas we might not usually come up with or that we might instead usually turn away from the thought of.

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