There’s a Full Moon in Libra This Saturday, the 16th of April

Full Moon 16th of April 2022

There’s a Full Moon this Saturday at 26°45’ Libra at 7:55 pm in the UK. This will be our last Full Moon before this year’s eclipse season begins towards the end of April in Taurus and Scorpio.

The Full Moon this month will offer us an intense period of self-exploration, cleansing and release. Back on the 1st of April, the New Moon closely conjoined Chiron whilst Jupiter was applying in his conjunction towards Neptune. This began a planetary theme of accessing deep trauma, both past life and childhood, whilst opening opportunities for us to heal these throughout the lunar waxing period. This may be an intense Full Moon for many of us, but it will also be a time of renewal and cleansing.

The Aries – Libra axis

The Aries – Libra axis represents our core identity on one side and the aspects of our personality we share in interpersonal relationships on the other. This axis also represents the balancing act we encounter as we seek to remain true to our own identity whilst experiencing harmonious encounters in our one-to-one partnerships. The theme during this Full Moon will therefore be centred around finding this balance and exploring ways we can offer true value to others in our relationships from a position of personal strength and integrity.

Pluto will Square the Full Moon

Pluto will square the Moon and the Sun, so will take position as the crux of a T-Square with this axis and again, the theme of balance within relationships is highlighted. Pluto will receive a lot of the energy from this on-going balancing act so will be in the position of accumulating power. Pluto here can build up in tensions and seek release, whilst simultaneously igniting dynamic change and transformations within us as they directly correlate with the balance between our identities and our relationships. There will be some wide-open doors to personal growth and, with Pluto in Capricorn, we may also make some changes to the ways we approach our work relationships and this in turn will enhance our sense of responsibility towards this ongoing balance.

Saturn will Trine the Full Moon

Saturn will form a flowing trine to the Full Moon whilst sextiling the Sun. This will enhance an element of order and much-needed maturity in the ways we balance our relationships and work to allow our ancient traumas their release through the gateways of both Chiron and Pluto. This really brings into focus a sense of emotional responsibility and commitment towards ourselves and others and will guide us in contributing towards a long-term common goal in order to reach a greater level of both value and security.

Mercury will Conjoin Uranus

Mercury will conjoin with Uranus and this will bring in fresh ideas and original perspectives that we might not usually see. Ways we can open our minds further in order to allow new levels of clarity will be offered during the Full Moon. With Mercury and Uranus in the fixed earth sign Taurus, we’re also opening up to new levels of psychological comfort in all our physical experiences.

One potential downside to this aspect may be a tendency to radicalise concepts until they appear to be the only ones that are right. Although Mercury conjunct Uranus can think outside of the box, there’s also a danger of travelling away from the box until we lose our connection with reality and it can then become difficult to appreciate the alternative perspectives of others or allow further suggestions to co-exist. This can lead to self-righteousness and ideas can become extreme and dogmatic, whilst losing their value in the process.

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