The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse ~ 14th December 2020

New Moon photo

There’s a New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius tomorrow, 14th December, at 16:17 in the UK.

The New Moon tomorrow will be in Sagittarius at 23°, conjoining Mercury on the Moon’s South Node (also both in Sagittarius) whilst trining Mars in Aries. So there’s some fire energy here! Yes, even though Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is still in Capricorn, flanked closely by both Saturn and Pluto, we do have some fire working-out within these trines of the New Moon. I feel that Jupiter’s position in late Capricorn in-between these two heavy planets is perfectly symbolic of the position we find ourselves in at the moment, as a nation (and globally). We are nearing the end of one of the heaviest, most transformational years we have had for a long time in which many of our freedoms have been thwarted, much like some of Jupiter’s free and fiery energy may be thwarted during the time he finds himself sandwiched amidst this configuration of planets. Jupiter here represents us and our personal freedom to explore the world and our surroundings and our sense of an ending to this adversity can be represented by Jupiter’s onward movement out of Capricorn and into an air sign; Jupiter will be strengthened via triplicity ruler in Aquarius here.

Therefore, as the ruler of our New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is in a somewhat frustrated position, looking forward to an end to all this, which will no doubt be marked by a series of perfectly-timed conjunctions with Saturn in Aquarius, we have a good dose of fire energy to feed our restlessness and creative endeavours as we lie in wait for the world to get back to ‘normal’. That fire energy is in the shape of a New Moon with a detriment Mercury.

What does all this even mean? We may be sleepy, we may be restless, we may be feeling frustrated and we may be so done with 2020 it’s unreal, even if we haven’t yet experienced Christmas. We may have many thoughts, ideas and wonders of what 2021 is going to look like, especially as Spring approaches and we prepare for our next Solar Aries ingress towards the end of March 2021. This is what I feel about the colours of this Total Solar Eclipse. Even Neptune is squaring the Moon’s Nodes and Venus is nearing the end of Scorpio, en route to early Sagittarius.

We need some new energy, fresh and lighter themes and some freedom to explore what our new normal is going to look like next year. Bring on 2021!

New Moon, Monday 14th December 2020

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Blessings to all.

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