The coming Full Moon Astrology | March 2019

The term supermoon can be credited to Astrologer Richard Nolle, who admits he ‘created and defined the term in an article published over 30 years ago’.

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The Post ~ 21st March 2019

There’s a Full Moon on Thursday, the 21st March, exacting at around 1:43am in the UK.

I have been talking a lot about the critical degrees lately, due to the fact that our last four Full Moons have occurred at 00°. Now the one this Thursday is the final one in this critical degree series and I feel that this is something of both a culmination point and a gateway through into the next phase of life for us; one that can potentially do a lot to help see us through the rest of this year, as we take the energies from these critical degrees through with us. The first one that occurred in November highlighted this important degree of the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis and Jupiter (who has been thriving comfortably in his domicile throughout) has found his way into such a strong position each of these Full Moons, if not positioned right next to the Sun, Mercury or Venus then at least trining or ruling the Ascendant. For these reasons it makes complete sense to me that this passage of time between November’s Full Moon and this Thursday’s Full Moon has been a lot about exploring; especially exploring our options and opening ourselves up to new possibilities in certain areas of our lives that were previously somewhat obscured. There is also the mutability factor of the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis, meaning this passage of time has also been about adapting and this of course means adapting to the new paths we have taken and opened ourselves up to, while allowing ourselves a much wider view of the world (or our worlds) than we were previously capable of.

I think it is a good idea to mention January’s Jupiter-Neptune square again at this point, as the energies of the square perhaps did much to support and align well with this theme. Jupiter forming this major aspect with Neptune, as it did during the Full Moon, no doubt opened many doors of possibilities and opportunities for us relating to our personal and collective ideas, idealistic views and in expanding our horizons, both spiritually and academically. The Jupiter-Neptune square happens again twice this year, both in June and then in September.

This Full Moon on Thursday is the third Full Moon supermoon in a row this year and it will also be the last (yet there will be three New Moon supermoons later in the year, to look forward to). This means that this Full Moon will occur while the Moon is at perigee, meaning it is at one of its closest distances to the Earth during its orbit. The Full Moon’s spring tides are even higher during supermoon Full Moons than during the average Full Moon, as the gravitation pull from our Moon is even stronger, causing the average tidal ranges to be larger. Concurrently, many of us can feel that the effect of these supermoons are a lot stronger Astrologically than when the Moon is at apogee, or further away from the Earth. The term supermoon can be credited to Astrologer Richard Nolle, 1979, who admits he ‘created and defined the term in an article published over 30 years ago’. (Richard Nolle, 2011)

I always like to remain positive in my interpretations, because, no matter how much tension and difficulty there is indicated amongst the planets, I believe that we can really make the most of them if we work with them the best we can (rather than against them) and use them to our advantage in some way, as long as we have good intentions towards ourselves and others. Jupiter ruling this coming Full Moon chart may help to lighten things up after what may have been a difficult few weeks, even for those of us who have no conceivable current problems as such and I think this could, in part, be one interpretation of Mercury’s stationing to begin retrograde motion on the 5th March from the anaretic degree of Pisces (29°), which is one of the signs Mercury is known to find positive expression more difficult. The Mercury retrograde is in itself notoriously difficult, but these extra cosmic circumstances potentially impact this energy further, yet another one being that Mercury is closing in on a conjunction with Neptune, which will occur exactly on the 24th March. The conjunction will then remain until the 4th April. So, if your life seems to have slowed down lately due to circumstances beyond your control, you consistently feel like you’re trying to run or shout through deep water and/ or your computer, email system and perhaps your car and any large corporation you usually have to rely on are dissolving or buckling under a seemingly invisible pressure, just slow down, please try to relax and remain positive. These things are usually only temporary. We have some very helpful contacts between Venus, Jupiter, Mars and then Pluto during this Full Moon, which is in the peacekeeping sign of balance and tranquillity, Libra.

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Blessings, from Gemma at Vine Astrology.


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